About us

About us

CEO & Partner: Lars Green

Lars is Partner and CEO of Green Consulting Group AB that focus on competence development and releasing hidden potential of individuals and Corporations. Lars has a long career in Shipping and Logistics as a Managing Director for 21 years. The longest period of his career, 33 years, was spent with the Japanese logistical giant NYK Group and he has been based both in Scandinavia, London and New York. During several years Lars was NYK´s Senior Executive Officer, based in London, with P/L-responsibility for all Trades including the Asia – Europe Trade.

Also, in his capacity as a senior executive Lars contributed to the developments of NYK´s CSR-concept (Corporate Social Responsibility) which was and is ranked among the foremost in the world.

In addition to his consultancy business Lars is currently Senior Tutor at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg.

Lars has a MBA from Stockholm School of Economics.
He is also a Accredited Professional Coach by ACTP

Picture of Lars Green, CEO & Partner

Partner: Marie Green

Marie has an extensive background in Shipping & Logistics, an Accounting degree and is a graduate from IHM Business School. Also, she managed her own retail business for 12 years. In addition to day-to-day management functions included marketing, sales, procurement and accounting.

Our Partners, Network and Locations

Our network of consultants come from a wide variety of exceptional backgrounds. They all have extensive international business experience and hold diplomas in key disciplines. Depending on the assignment they are carefully selected to match competence and project  requirements.

Our collaboration partners extends to Stockholm School of Economics, Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Chalmers University of Technology to ensure the highest level  of academic research and support.
We have as a result of customer requirements, expanded our locations to include presence in Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Berlin.