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What we do

Competence development
  • Identify competence gaps
  • Lead workshops
  • Design and deliver competence programs using the ADDIE methodoly
  • Example of the Training menu; Sales training, Customer Service excellence, Integrated Sales Collaboration, Sales Management & Coaching, Liner Shipping & Ports

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Most executives around the world agree that competence and innovations are two critical pillar stones in the future for successful organizations. But the crux is not only to address these issues but how to embed them with your business processes and, most importantly, ensure that they are aligned with your fundamental values, vision, and strategies.

Without this insight, and the support from the very top of the organization, you may as well stop reading now. On the other hand, if you have both insight and support, there is every reason to read on.

Our approach is a holistic approach, simply because we have executive expertise from different industries with the experience that business processes performed by all staff members are tightly knitted together. Strategy was, in the past, board members possession. These days strategy must be understood and performed by all staff members, every day. In our new digital sociaty business models are rapidly transformed and so are strategies. As a result new competences develop and becomes business critical to the entire organization. Hence, our view is that a holistic approach is absolutely vital.

Our expertise and guidance include identification of competence gaps, analyzing new competence needs, leading workshops, designing and developing new learning modules, delivery of training and evaluation. Most importantly, we ensure that new knowledge and skills are being transformed into new behavior and a genuine change process focused on performance. We also provide guidance and support to set up LMS (Learning Management System) and procurement.

Do you share our view that relevant competences are the backbone of any organization? Well, let us then show you how to best proceed.

Senior Executive Coaching
  • Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Sales Coaching

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"True Market Potential" - TMP
  • Trade data statstics on country and port levels

Logistical parties (carriers, forwarders, shippers, ports, terminals etc) can use big data to help their marketing- and salespeople uncover new trends, segments and customers. To accomplish this, companies need to combine external data sources with internal customer information. Such advanced analytics help the marketing and sales teams to target previously unknown but attractive cargo.  

What if you could;

- from a birds view, drill yourself down in an accurate data base

- per region, country, port

- in TEUs, container type and sizes

- by commodity and month

You could spot trends and market developments ahead of others and be on top of your game!


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Management Consulting & Business Excellence Program
  • ATTACC © newly released book by Lars Green (swedish language) https://www.vulkanmedia.se/?p=29321                                                                                 
  • Would you and your team like to be inspirered? Book an entertaining and enlightening lecture about the ATTACC (c) Contact lars.green@greenconsultinggroup.se

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ATTACC © – a Business Excellence Model
What is a Business Excellence Model and how does it work? ATTACC © is a proven model that embrace all stakeholders and functions in your organization with sustainability as the ultimate objective.

The Business Excellence Model provides a framework allowing organizations to determine their current “level of excellence” and where they need to focus improvement efforts. Moreover, the Model helps to ensure that business decisions incorporate the needs of all stakeholders and are aligned with the organization’s objectives.

The Model acts as a common reference tool helping organizations move towards Excellence. Thus, the Model provides its users with a set of performance improvement tools in order for them to achieve and sustain results and Excellence . The Model is regularly reviewed to incorporate new ideas, concepts and learning.
"All organizations, both in the public and private sectors, are facing new challenges. The increasing pressure to compete on a global stage means that organizations have to elevate their excellence to ensure future prosperity, says Lars Green, CEO of GCG.
The ATTACC © Model provides a framework that encourages cooperation, collaboration and innovation that is needed to ensure sustainable growth".

Recruitment services (in co-operation with our partner PS Partner – see link)
  • Executive Search
  • Management for Rent

What we are

Established 1981, at that time under the name Goodofino, we are a network organization that focus on competence development and releasing hidden potential within individuals and organisations. We want to share our burning passion for structured competence development where we ensure that competences are aligned with strategies and value propositions.

We are not a global management consulting firm with thousands of employees. We are not the world´s leading advisors on business strategies. We do not believe in standard industry answers.

Instead we are small, fast moving, high energetic, inspiring and most importantly flexible in our approach to business. We are strong believers that change only truly follows insight and that insight comes with a holistic approach. And that genuine change is driven from the top of the organisation.